Yummy Berry Kids Fruit Tea


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Yummy Berry Fruit Tea

Origin: Canada

Contains: Apple, Elderberry, Raisin, Rosehips, Orange pieces, Hibiscus, Cornflower petals, and Natural flavors.

We theorized that herb and fruit teas are full of natural fruits which are very tasty and refreshing. There are significant amounts of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients in these dried fruits and they are caffeine-free… so all we had to do was make a blend that is appealing to children’s taste buds.

Do not sugar these teas excessively, there are natural sugars in the fruits which sweeten the brew.

The great thing with fruit teas is that they are not overly sweet and still have all the benefits which can be found in the raw form of the fruit used. Vitamin C is a guarantee when drinking fruit tea. Add in fresh fruits, chia seed as desired.

Non-Caffeine drink.

High in Vitamin C!

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100 gm, 25 Tea Bags, 500 gm, 1 kg

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