Selenite Unpolished Rough Sticks ~ 4″ Long Approx.


Origin: USA

Selenite Unpolished rough Wand Approximately 2″-4 “Long . Please note this is a natural unpolished rough gemstone a slight variation in size and imperfection due to rough stone.

Selenite helps in cleansing, recharging and purification of smudging items, crystals. White & colorless crystals carry the vibration of pure light, symbolize clarity, purify the environment and radiate positive energy.

Metaphysical and healing properties of selenite:

-promotes peace and calm.

-provides clarity.

-clears blocked energy.

-elevates the spirit.

-helps you access your intuition.

-is an effective space cleanser.

-vibrates at a very high frequency.

-promotes connection and camaraderie.

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