HSS Juniper Incense Cones


Made in Singapore

HSS Juniper Incense Cones is another way of aromatherapy for convenience use. Suitable for meditation, cleansing negative energies, and relaxation.

Using 100 % Natural Juniper which is grounded into powder, mixed with natural plant powder in clay to combine the mix into a cone shape.

These small smudge cones are 33 mm in Height – approximate burn time 30 mins.

Juniper Ability to cleanse and attract positive influences while warding off negative energy. Guard against evil spirits and illnesses, and create a safe protective, positive healing space.

Each box of 10 cones with a free clay burner and a 10 tablets of charcoal. Bring exotic fragrances into your home.

Noted: The cones are using 100% Juniper Leaves  without adding any fragrance.

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