HSS Cinnamon Incense Cones


Made in Singapore

HSS Cinnamon Incense Cones is another way of aromatherapy for convenience use. Suitable for meditation, cleansing negative energies, and relaxation.

Using 100 % Natural True Cinnamon from Sri Lanka which is grounded into powder, mixed with natural plant powder in clay to combine the mix into a cone shape.

These small smudge cones are 33 mm in Height – approximate burn time 20 minutes.


Cinnamon has long been associated with prosperity and abundance. In many cultures, cinnamon is used as an offering to deities and spirits that are thought to bestow good fortune. It is also used in magical rituals and spells designed to attract wealth and success.

Burning cinnamon incense is said to promote financial stability and abundance. It is often used in money spells and rituals, as well as in any magical work that seeks to bring about material gain. Cinnamon incense can also be burned to honor the Earth goddesses who preside over agriculture, fertility, and harvest.

Each box of 12 cones with a free clay burner. Bring exotic fragrances into your home.

Noted: The cones are using 100% True (Sweet) Cinnamon from Sri Lanka without adding any fragrance.


1 Box, 3 Boxes

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