Honeybush Tea


High Anti-oxidant

Lower High Blood Pressure

Lower Cholesterol

Weight Loss

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Organic Honeybush Tea 

Origin: Africa

Our honeybush is organic and 100% natural, with no sugar, no caffeine, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Because of the many benefits attached to drinking Honeybush is extremely popular with health-conscious consumers. There is a rich fund of medicinal folklore associated with Honeybush. Much of which has now been verified by scientific analysis of the unique properties of these herbal infusions.


  • Sodium necessary for fluid and acid-base balance

  • Potassium facilitates metabolic processes

  • Calcium builds strong teeth and healthy bones

  • Magnesium Allows for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system and for other metabolic processes

  • Copper necessary for different metabolic processes

  • Zinc encourages growth, development and healthy skin

  • Manganese essential for metabolic processes and for bone growth and development

  • Iron transports oxygen in the blood

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