HEM Smudge Candle White Sage Palo Santo Patchouli Lavender


Brand: HEM

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A premium product from HEM. Warm and gentle aroma by using natural aroma oil and soy wax.

Smudge Candle brings the new experience of purifying negative energy now available in our store.

Duration: 24 hours burning. You can stop the candlelight and light it again.

A Unique Blend of Aroma Oils, the beautiful candle emits soothing tones that leave you refreshed and revived. As the magic of the fragrance works its way, it also helps in purifying your surroundings. Fill your Space with a soothing and calming aroma while it cleanses negative energy and enhances your mood. The pleasing fragrance will spread good vibes and welcome positivity, peace and harmony.

Available in Palo Santo, White Sage, Patchouli and Lavender


White Sage, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Lavender, Any 2 Flavor, Ang 3 Flavor, Any 4 Flavor

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