HEM Anti-Stress Incense Stick



Origin: India

Quality Fragrance: Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. The scent of the sticks fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space aromatic and pleasant. Free from harmful chemicals like Benzene and Toluene. Safe for mixing and rolling by plain hands.

HEM is a leading producer of hand-rolled incense from India. HEM Lavender has a fresh floral scent that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. A perfect scent for meditation, releasing negative emotions and to promote self-awareness. The wonderful aroma of lavender creates a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Benefits: Incense Sticks are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose. Generally, Incense Sticks are used to enhance the scent of a room or Office or during Prayers, Religious Ceremonies, meditation and yoga practice.

Tips: Always store your Incense Sticks in a cool dry place. If they pick up too much moisture they will not burn properly or poor quality incense.

NOTE: No Medical claims are made for the products in treating any particulars physical or emotional symptom. These are sold for health-enhancement purposes only.

1 Box contains of 6 packs (120 sticks)

1 pack (20 sticks)


1 pack (20 sticks), 6 packs (120 sticks)

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