Forest Amber Oudh, Chandan, Mystic Oudh Premium Incense Sticks


Origin: India

Weight: 50 gm (~20 sticks)

Forest high quality incense sticks, nice sense, try to believe it.

Amber oudh, Mystic oudh and chandan incense are famous for their delicacy. It has the sweetness of vanilla with the touch of woody, earthy fragrance that no traditional incense can possess. Despite the light scent, the incense fragrance remains for a long time, reminding you of the perfume smell instead of normal incense.

Another great feature of amber incense is clean-burning as it creates a very low amount of smoke and ashes. You will have a better experience without the burnt smell caused by the ashes afterward.


Amber Ouch, Mystic Ouch, Chandan

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