Herbal tea is one of those teas which benefit our body a lot. Not only does it help to reduce obesity but it also has several medicinal benefits. Doctors often refer to opt for organic herbal tea instead of normal tea keeping in mind its good properties. Earlier, it was not easily accessible to a wide range in the Singapore market, but recently one can avail any kind of herbal tea from any reputed online stores available.

Usually, there are two kinds of organic herbal tea. One is used for the medicinal purposes and the other which is used as beverages. But the ones which are consumed as beverages too, have certain healthy components present in it.

Some of the popular kinds of herbal teas

Mint is considered to be one of the most used components which are mixed with the herbs. Peppermint and spearmint are the two most likely to be used mints. Apple mint too has a similar use to the herbal tea. The lemon scented and flower teas are yet other varieties of the herbal tea. Lemon grass can be included in it too.

Relaxing herbs, Tulsi, Chamomile, and several others

Tulsi, which is also known as Basil, provides relaxation to the body and mind. It also helps to lower the blood sugar level and also prevents diabetes. Tulsi boosts up the entire immune system. Chamomile tea is one of those popular teas which are generally consumed during bed time. The herbs present in it provide relaxation and is no less than Tulsi in the case of health benefits.

Honeybush and Rooibos

Herbal teas are considered incomplete if not talked about Honeybush and Rooibos. They are quite similar to black tea but its medicinal effects are much more. They help to prevent asthma and they are available in red as well as green varieties.

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