The organic essential oils are actually the raw extract of the plants which has certain medicinal values related to it. They may be produced from the fruit, the seed, the leaf, the flower or the bark of the tree. These essential oils are used for various purposes related to the skin, the hair and some of the other health benefits. These days in Singapore they are widely used in aromatherapy as well as in massage to get the best out of them.

Replacing the regular oil and cosmetics with the organic essential oils is one of the wisest things one can think of.

Massage oils

Essential oils like lavender oil; jojoba oil, which gives out a beautiful aroma, is used for the purpose of massage, as well as diffusing in a room. Since these oils are very much concentrated in nature, they are diluted with some carrier oil like almond oil or olive oil and then applied well to the body. This oil not only provides a beautiful aroma to the skin, but they also tighten the muscles and also relieve the kinks from the body. Adding the lavender oil, to the body lotion or adding a few drops of it while bathing can also benefit the skin and one can notice the difference in the skin within a span of a few days.

Aromatherapy oils

These essential oils are also used in aromatherapy treatments. These oils enhances the mood with aroma and also acts as a stress buster. The lavender oil acts as an aroma diffuser in the room as well. They can be used as a perfume for the body and can also be kept in the cars to release the beautiful aroma constantly in the car.

The oils can be used in the light bulb, candles so that the heat produced from them can also release that beautiful aroma from them.

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