White Sage Smudging Kit – Abalone Shell, Sage, Tripod, Feather. ( Mini Size)


Mini Abalone Shell, Mini White Sage Cutie, Mini Tripod, Mini Feather. Travel-size altar smudging kit.

Completed set for smudging.

Product from USA

California White Sage ||

Sage is one of the sacred plants used by indigenous people around the world to purify the air and clear negative energies. It is used in rituals to protect against negative influences, clear space for access to visionary states, and bring mental and spiritual clarity to your space.

|| How to Smudge ||

To cleanse the energies of space open a door and a window to allow the energies to flow freely as you clear that, which no longer serves your higher purpose. Prepare your smudge and vessel as described above. Begin the clearing from the door of the space you wish to clear and move around the room along the wall until you have completed a full pass of the space. Once you have completed the round you can place your smudge stick in fire-resistant vessel to smolder at the center of the room and begin your meditation practice or be sure to fully extinguish the sage smudge if you plan to leave the space.

To cleanse a person, you will prepare sage smudge and vessel as above. Begin the smudging from the feet of yourself or another on the front side of the body and concluding on the back pane of yourself or your friend. Don’t forget to clear the space above making way for your higher purpose!

How to conduct a smudging ritual with abalone shells

Using a match, light your White sage smudging sticks

Rest the sticks or herbs in the abalone shell, using it to collect any ashes or embers as the sticks or herbs burn

To bless a person or object, use a feather to brush the smoke around them

You may wish to walk around a space with the sticks or herbs, allowing the smoke to waft into the corners and ceilings

Abalone shells have holes in them, so ensure any hot embers don’t fall through onto flammable materials such as carpet or bed linens

If the smudging sticks have been resting in the abalone shell for a while, the shell may get hot, so use caution when handling it

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