White Sage Palo Santo Bundle Set Comprehensive All in one Smudging and Purifying Negative Energy


Exclusively bundle set packaging by us.

Enjoy the all-in-one White Sage and Palo Santo bundle set complete set with smudging sticks and Incense Cones, you will experience a comprehensive package to do the cleaning routine. Ideal for a gift as well.


1 pc 4 inches White Sage Stick California, USA white sage

2 pcs 4-inches Palo Santo Stick from Peru

1 pc Ceramic Incense Burner With Cover -We will randomly pick the color for you.

1 pc Incense holder – to hold the incense coil (free together with burner)

1 pc Fire Protection Sheet (free together with burner)

1 box HEM White Sage Cones (10 cones) – handmade cones from India

1 box HEM Palo Santo Incense Cones (10 cones) – handmade cones from India

2 pcs HSS Palo Santo Cone – 100% made of pure ingredients cone

2 pcs HSS White Sage Palo Santo Cone – 100% mode of pure ingredients cone

White Sage – Dispels negative energy. Promote healing and wisdom. To cleanse for person, spaces, or items.


Palo Santo – Clear negative energy and restore tranquility, calm emotions, and attract good fortune. A protection Holy wood.

燃燒聖木的煙霧能為空間強力驅除外來的負面意念,引正能量, 並建立起保護的能量場。清潔和治療, 舒緩並放鬆心情.有助進入療愈的心境並停靠的聖木.

| How to Smudge ||

Prepare a fire-resistant incense burner to hold your smudge stick/sage or to extinguish it once you have completed your clearing.

To cleanse the energies of space open a door and a window to allow the energies to flow freely. Hold the stick at 45 degrees, begin the clearing from the door of the space you wish to clear, and move around the room along the wall until you have completed a full pass of the space.

To cleanse a person, Begin the smudging from the feet of yourself or another on the front side of the body and conclude on the back pane of yourself or your friend.

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