Savoury, Winter


Botanical Name: Satureja Montana

From: Hungary

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Organic Savoury, Winter 

Botanical Name: Satureja Montana

From: Hungary


1. Help fight against bacteria: Savoury-winter contains carvacrol and thymol. This helps to prevent bacterial growth in the body and help fight infections and inflammation.

2. Promote a healthy heart: Savoury-winter contains potassium. Potassium is a necessary constitution of cells and body fluids. It helps to promote a healthy heart and blood pressure.

3. Treat digestive problems: Savoury-winter is carminative in nature. It helps to treat digestive disorders including gastric problems and indigestion. It is also good for diarrhoea and sore throat.

Avoid: Do not use it during pregnancy.


60 gm, 20 tea bags, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

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