Lady Moon Blend


Uses: Female menstrual discomfort

Organic Lady Moon Blend

Uses: Female menstrual discomfort.

Contains: Organic Lady Mantle Leaves, Organic Raspberry Leaves, Organic Mugwort Leaves, Organic Marigold Flowers.


1. Organic Lady Mantle Leaves: One of the key benefits of Lady’s Mantle is its ability to regulate menstruation. It stimulates the production of progesterone which is essential to regular periods.

2. Organic Raspberry Leaves: Raspberry leaves contains alkaloid that helps to stimulate labor and help ease childbirth.

3. Organic Mugwort Leaves: Mugwort acts as a uterine tonic. It has a proven affinity for the female reproductive system and is an effective uterine stimulant that can restart delayed menstruation and help restore the natural monthly cycle.

4. Organic Marigold Flowers: The oil of Calendula is an effective remedy for dry skin. It gives the skin a younger-looking glow. It also moisturizes dry skin, helps in removing old scars, treats rashes, and helps in curing bruises and post-operative injuries.

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