HSS White Sage Dragon Blood Incense Cones


Made in Singapore

HSS White Sage – Dragon Blood Incense Cones is another way of aromatherapy for convenience use. Suitable for meditation, cleansing negative energies, and relaxation.

Using 100 % Natural White Sage leaves and Dragon Blood resin which is grounded into powder, mixed with natural plant powder in clay to combine the mix into a cone shape.

The combination of white sage and dragon blood enhances the power for purifying negative energy.

Powerful, potency to amplify the intention, promote healing and wisdom


These small smudge cones are 33 mm in Height – approximate burn time 20 minutes.

Each box contains 20 cones

Noted: The cones are using 100% White sage and Dragon Blood Resin without adding any fragrance.


1 Box, 3 Boxes

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