HEM Rose 7 Chakra Incense Sticks Bundle of 7



Origin: India

Handmade Incense Sticks

Hem Seven Chakra Gift pack of 140 Incense sticks | Agarbatti for Meditation | Gift items | Gift box of Agarbatthies for Healing & Spirituality.

These incense sticks are beneficial to people who love to meditate, practice yoga or who simply wish to use aromatherapy to fill their environment with natural aromas.

7 Chakras have a very important role to play in your body with regards to health & balance. 7 chakras means the 7 centers in your body which start at the base of your spine & ends at top of your head.

Quality Fragrance: Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. The scent of the Cones fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space aromatic and pleasant. Free from harmful chemicals.

Tips: Always store your Incense Cones in a cool dry place. If they pick up too much moisture they will not burn properly or poor quality incense.

Note: Never burn incense unattended and always keep it out of reach of children. Burn incense in a suitable incense holder or incense box in a well-ventilated area.


1 pack (20 sticks), 6 packs (120 sticks)

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