Rose of Jericho Resurrection Flower 6-8 inch


Origin: Mexico

Price for 1 pc only.

Size: Dried 1.5- 2.5 inch(Small) 2.5-4.5 inch (Big), after watering it can expand to 6-10 inch. (Guide)

Note: We are not able to provide very exact measurement and weight, due to the plants have different shape.

Rose of Jericho is not a rose, but a Mexican desert plant with unusual magical properties. It is also known as the Resurrection flower because the plant seems to come to life after dying. Water is used to re-hydrate the plant.

Note: Size of Jericho may vary harvest to harvest, we are unable to provide a specific diameter for these natural products.

Spiritual Benefit

People most commonly use rose of Jericho as a decorative plant and in various spiritual ceremonies. Many believe it: “resurrects” areas of your life, brings good fortune.

To “plant” your Rose of Jericho,

Fill dish with pebbles or gravel and add water until the pebbles are just submerged. Place your Rose of Jericho on top with its roots touching the water.


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