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Anti-Aging Blend


Uses: Rejuvenate skin and other health benefits.

Cough Cold Flu Blend

Uses: Colds, cough, and flu

Harmony Zest Blend

Uses: Indigestion, bloated and stomach discomfort, and relaxation.

Healthy Detox Blend

Uses: Detoxification, cleansing, and well-being.

Healthy Men Blend

Uses: Male health, energy boost, and overall health.

Healthy Purify Blend

Liver Health Kidney Health Purify Blood Boost Metabolism

Healthy Relax Blend

Uses: Relaxation and to soothe nerves.

Healthy Slimming Blend

Uses: Weight loss support and promotion of slimming.

Healthy Woman Blend

Female health Reproductive support Liver Detoxifying

Lady Moon Blend

Uses: Female menstrual discomfort

Mulberry Lemon Basil

Lower Blood Sugar High Blood Pressure Weight Loss Lower the Cholesterol

Pandan Lemongrass Blend

Uses: Digestion and helps with de-stress