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7 Chakra flower sage

Expands Heart Chakra, Promotes positive energy and removes negative energy bringing forth color therapy attracts friendship, Love, Luck.

7 Chakra Sage (White Sage with 7 Colors Rose Petals) Smudge Stick

Origin: Califonia USA White Sage with 7 Color rose Petals 3-4". A colorful smudge stick lined by 7 colors rose petals.

Jerusalem Sage Lavender Bouquet

Handmade Smudging Stick Jerusalem white sage + Golden flower + Lavender flower bouquet Origin: Portugal White sage smudge stick for

Jerusalems white Sage, Golden Sun and Tamarisk flowers smudge bouquet



Jerusalems white sage and California bouquet

Pine, Gum, Rockrose, Tamarisk Flower Bouquet

Handmade Smudging Bouquet Pine +Gum rockrose + Tamarisks flower Origin: Portugal Pine needles create a powerfully protective smudge that can

White Sage Rosemary Smudge Stick

White Sage + Rosemary & Plume Celosia Origin: USA Size: ~4 Inches A beautiful bundle of white sage with rosemary