Since the company established in the year 2005, Herbal Sense have been committed to provide our valued customers with an extensive range of products from organic essential oils, carrier oils, health food, organic tea, natural herbs and spices, tea blends, fruit teas, black, red and green teas, aromatherapy, packaging products and many more.


We source for products from established and reputable sources all over the world. We focus on providing only high quality, natural, eco-friendly products, without additives or synthetic substances being used, whether in their cultivation, processing, packaging or transportation. Most of our products and suppliers are certified organic suppliers. Our herbs and spices are organic and natural, and come from the finest harvests from farms and suppliers specially selected for their environmentally-friendly practices. We bring you only the finest. Our range of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products are from Belgium PRANAROM. This range of essential oil assures high quality and certified 100% pure and natural. The stringent quality control ensures effective essential oils and products.


We import only small quantities each time to ensure our customers get fresh stocks that will produce good desired effect.


We have a wide range of organic essential oils and carrier oils from A to Z which are 100% pure, steam-distilled organic plant oils. You will find one that you like!


Our clientele base consists of direct consumers, local reputable cafes, restaurants, food and beverage operators. We specially import them directly our tea from the reputable tea gardens in India, Sri Lanka and Japan. Today, we have customers who love our teas and take it as their daily beverage. The teas have good health benefits. Researchers attribute teas health properties to polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) and phytochemicals. These benefits are found on the better-known green, black, red and oolong teas.


As a distributor, we order in bulk and can pass on our savings to our customers to offer affordable prices on our product range.



For more information about Herbal Sense, drop us a message via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you at the soonest!


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