4 Things You Can Do With Dried Fruits and Nuts

Who does not love dried fruits and nuts These goodies, when added to your recipes, just make the outcome tastier and healthier. People who have discovered what dried fruits and nuts can do to their health and body, usually include such ingredient in almost all their meals. Naturally, there may come a time when new ideas are not anymore coming out and working with dried fruits and nuts become consistently the same. Your meal may still be healthier but it wouldnt be as fun and exciting as before.

So, here are some of the quick solutions to deviate you from running down your ideas when it comes to dried fruits and nuts:

  1. Breakfast buddy

Dried fruits and nuts are great toppings for cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal. If you happen to miss out any popular breakfast meals with a good mix of these treats, try and you will surely add it to your favourite lists. One reason might probably be is the way it makes your breakfast look Instagram worthy. We are excited to see your next hashtags!

  1. Try it with some cookies

Nuts have always been graced the goodness of cookies. But have you ever tried mixing it with dried fruits Better not miss such great treat and ready your baking sheets right away. However, look for recipes that will work well with dried fruits and look for how it is done. It is always best to follow the instructions in baking so you get the best of it as you become your healthiest.

  1. Experiment on your trail mix

Dried fruits and nuts can work best together. There are even no rules when it comes to mixing dried fruits and nuts. You can change according to the mood of your appetite. You can also search for recommended trail mix if you are not feeling too adventurous, but would like to get recipes that have been tried and tested.

  1. Try them as your side dish

Dried fruits and nuts are popular healthy snacks, but you can go beyond that idea by surprising your guest with the dish where dried fruits and nuts are the side dish. Dried fruits and nuts can bring you to a different kind of dining experience.

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