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Volcano Ruby

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Volcano Ruby

Exceptional combination of floral and premium green tea. Refreshing and cleansing.

Weight: 7 gm ~8 gm per pc

From: China

Brief Description Of Natural Flowering Tea (Blooming Tea)

Blooming tea is hand tied with top quality tea leaves and natural flowers.The techniques used to create them have been handed down from generation to generation and haven’t changed in centuries.  Each ball approximately 1 inch, 7 to 8 grams. Watch as the leaves unfurl, the bright colors of the flowers bleed into water and the balls are transformed into flowers themselves.

Brewing Method:
Immersed in 80-90 degree hot water for several minutes, the tea looks like flower buds. Then the dried natural flowers slowly unfold into a full blossom from the tea. It is exciting to see blossoms in various shapes and colors magically burst. Combining the fragrance of tea and flower, artistic tea presents a pleasant and elegant flavor. People may drink it while appreciating its beauty and enjoying its healthy benefits. It is indeed a good gift.