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Samadoyo Tea Pot With Candle Warmer Gift Set

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samadoya T71
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Samadoyo Tea Pot With Candle Warmer Gift Set – 600 ml Tea Pot

Model: T-71 


– Products will come with 4 fine SAMADURAN standard Pyrex cups.

– Comes with a transparent outer body with a handle and spout.

– Outer body made of food grade borosilicate glass.

-The glass can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of 180 ℃.

-The lid and the filter are made of food grade stainless steel (+150 ℃ ~-40 ℃).

Born unprecedentedly, perfect design of a whole set which is consist of lid, body glass, infuser, plate and candles. Safe and reliable to use. Essential tool to brew a nice cup of tea. Practical piece for personal use or as a gift. Come with nice packaging box and tea carrier bag.  Creative six holes fire protection design, smokeless candles provide stable heating and warming.


European food grade plastic material, Japan imported injection and polishing techniques.  1 mm thickness European super food grade stainless steel, meticulous Italian snowflake sandpaper wire drawing technology; 
25 Years Glass Craftsmanship, Super Quality Craft Glass, Transparent and Bright.