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Coconut Extra Virgin Oil

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Organic Coconut Extra Virgin Oil 

Botanical name: Cocos nucifera

From: Philippines

Contains: Vitamin E, Squalene, Sterol, Tocopherols

Fatty Acids: Caprylic, Capric, Lauric, Linoleic, Myristic, Oleic, Palmitic, Stearic

Description: Organic, cold pressed, unrefined. It solidifies and becomes opaque white at temperatures below 24°C; leaving it in a warm spot will make it liquid again. This rich and versatile oil with its heady aroma of ripe coconuts is used for skincare, hair care, oral care and in food and cooking. Ideal for cosmetics, body care, health care and massage, as it is readily absorbed by the skin.  

Effects: Softens, moisturises, cleanses, strengthens, balances, tones.

Uses: Carrier oil, massage, body care, hair care, cooking, food.

**A free pump will be provided with any 100 ml bottle purchased.