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Organic Cinnamon Sticks (Sweet) 60 gm

Net Weight: 60 g Kraft zipper lock bag 

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum verum

From: Sri Lanka 

Also Know as True cinnamon

Flavour: Strong, sweet, warm, woody, mellow.  

Effects: Carminative, stimulates appetite, warming, eases the digestive process.

It regulates blood sugar level and cholesterol. The ability to regulate blood sugar level to fight against fat and increase the metabolism. 

Uses: For Indian cuisine, Chai tea, some Asian dishes, European cakes and pastries, pickling and as stirrers for coffee or tea. A big favorite everywhere for making cappuccino and cinnamon toast.

Note: Sweet cinnamon contains only 1.25% oil compare to Cassia Cinnamon 3%.






注••甜肉桂只含有1.25 %的油比较决明子肉桂3 %

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